Inclusive program of self-study course on basics of social business

Social Business Owner Self-Study

Pay and train at your own pace from anywhere in the world! 

Our educational programs are available 
for people with hearing problems.

Everything about starting a social business and even more

A unique, automated educational program that identifies the specifics of social entrepreneurship

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AUTHORS' TRAINING METHODS ARE USED, specially developed by Social entrepreneurs International Academy

PROGRAM developed for listeners, who quickly and 
independently want to get the knowledge

Սոցիալական ձեռնարկատիրություն

Whoever has the idea to open a perspective business, not only for profit but who wants to invest in the socio-economic development of the society;

Սոցիալական ձեռնարկատիրություն

Entrepreneurs, who plan to work  with people with disabilities or work on the quality of their lives, engage in ecological rural care; 

Սոցիալական ձեռնարկատիրություն

Who wants to add social effect in their business or to show indicators of the social business presence and need specific knowledge.

Սոցիալական ձեռնարկատիրություն

Anyone who wants to combine their entrepreneurial activities with social impact, or improve existing social entrepreneurial activities, wants to incorporate new management models in this area or gain new knowledge.


Competitive social business idea, updated to the needs of your social client and your resources.
✔ Basic concepts related to the field of social entrepreneurship, models of monetization, and distribution of profits
Understanding the business model and financial strategy of your business
✔ The possibility of further successful development, obtaining advice, project support and financing.

What is needed to get involved in the educational program?
Step 1

Register on the site. Select module, topic or full course in a section

Step  2


Step 3

Listen to lectures and complete all tasks

Step 4

Get a certificate on completion of the course

Why the Social Business Owner self-study program

You can study on your own according to a convenient schedule, without dropping out of personal and work processes.

The whole theory is presented in small blocks, with specially selected practical development.

You can listen to each lesson as many times as you need for productive assimilation of the material.

You get knowledge, proven by international expertise, that you can immediately implement in your business.

During the training, you will work specifically on the aspects of social business that affect its sustainability.

The broad horizons of the program will allow you to find the best options for solving systemic business problems.

Educational program

Newly developed SE business education program with digital, sign language translation and presentations, video /audio materials/ supporting skills & tools with a new educational program
100% online format
You will pass the course in 3 months, studying 2 lessons per week and completing practical tasks
Live courses with mentors and experts.
7 consultations with experts
3 virtual business tours of famous social enterprises in the world.
80% of the time for practice and regular homework.
Practical work on your project
Checking assignments by mentors and experts. (partially)
Tracker accompaniment
Access to the course - for lifetime
Access to the course 12 months
Curator support
Ready-made templates and manuals for work
Training certificate
Passport of a social entrepreneur, annual mentoring, membership in the international club of social entrepreneurs Social impulse hub for the best projects.
Opportunity to receive financial aid up to 3000 $
 Bonus - free consultation of business idea 
Pass the course for only 1049 USD

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Purchase modules separately

If you have any questions, get a consultation from the curator on the
course and opportunities for your business