3. Social Entrepreneurship Business Model Canvas Tool

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3. Social Entrepreneurship Business Model Canvas Tool

About Course

Explore the Canva Social Business Model Template (Social Business Model Canvas),learn to plan and correctly describe your unique a sales proposition that leads to a social goal, identify the social and commercial segments of customers, learn how to determine the benefits of a social business, set up mechanisms for interaction within the business, what to look for in communication with the consumer, what sources of income and ways of monetization can be social business. Get to know the concept of "key partners" and “stakeholders” for your business.

2 lectures, 2 practical workshops
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Course content

videoSE Business CANVAS model Start
videoCANVAS model20 m 37 s Start
videoBUSINESS MODELING8 m 19 s Start
videoSE Canvas Start
videoRoadmaps Start
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videoAdditional materials26 s Start
videoHomework50 s Start
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Social Entrepreneurs International Academy