Nadiia Karpliuk

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Workplace and position

Business Consultant and Managing Partner at “K&K Consulting”, methodologist of the training program "I am an entrepreneur" in the Vasily Khmelnytsky Foundation K.Fund.

Academic title (if any )   Ph.D

Master in Economics, Master in Psychology

Work experience: as a practice, as a teacher

Entrepreneur since 2006 in the field of consulting services. Business trainer. More than 15 years of experience in training activities. 

Certified Business Trainer of USAID, UNDP, Save the Children in Ukraine Entrepreneurial Training Programs, Master Facilitator of the Active Citizens Project from the British Council.

Indicate how long and what kind of business you've managed / founded / worked for

Director of the Vinnitsa branch of the «Step» Computer Academy, Member of the Board and Coordinator of the Committee for Project Activities and Fundraising of the NGO "League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine", coordinator of various projects (training, marketing and sociological research)

Basic skills

I facilitate strategic and creative sessions for entrepreneurs and NGOs (including business associations) on developing strategies, operational planning, developing new products, services, etc. (service design). 

I act as a speaker, moderator of forums, conferences, hackathons. Mentor of social entrepreneurs. I have online tools for conducting training and strategic sessions.

Methods used in teaching

I use various methods and interactive tools (facilitation, moderation, case studies, business games, etc.),including author's ones. As well as the ILO methodology "Start and improve your business"․

Expert achievements and promotion

Co-founder of the NGO "Agency for Sustainable Development and Innovations".
Author of training programs for entrepreneurs on business planning, competitiveness, fundraising, etc.


Learn throughout life, and do not forget to implement the knowledge gained.


Entrepreneurship development (including social),business planning, financial modeling, strategic marketing, competitiveness enhancement, innovation development, fundraising, etc.

Areas of mentoring

Finance, business model, strategic marketing, starting a business in Ukraine.