Mary-Hrachoohi Boghosian

basic landing
Workplace and position

Co-director for Vedi's Friends Foundation since 2003.
Founder of CIPR.
AUA Doctor.
Social Innovation and  SE Expert.
21+ teaching experience.
Required expert.

Academic title (if any )   Ph.D

AUA Doctor

Work experience: as a practice, as a teacher 

Speaking Events and Publications

Invited Speaker, Seminars & Workshops, and Conference Presentations. Publishing Peer Reviewed Papers and articles.  Translating/ editing Books and Papers

Indicate how long and what kind of business you've managed / founded / worked for 

Since 2003 co-founded and co-managing a nonprofit organization named "Vedi's Friends" in Armenia. The organization is engaged in creating self employment opportunities for the villagers of Ararat Valley.

Basic skills

Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Methods used in teaching

Illustrative lectures and games


Provide the villagers the necessary resources to work and generate income to their families.


Innovation in Social Setting, Creativity and Innovation, Social Innovation, Creative Problem Solving in Business Development

Areas of mentoring

Innovative Thinking in social business development and Startups

Instructor, researcher, business consultant, including  social innovation and entrepreneurship.