Karen Sargsyan

basic landing
Workplace and position

- 2022 Adviser to the RA Minister of Economy
- 2020-2022 Head of the Education Department of the city of Yerevan, RA
- since 2012- I have been teaching at Yerevan State University, as well as at ASUE
- since 2016- Trainings of the RA Academy of Public Administration 
- 2018 - to date - an expert on the social business model at the Middle East Foundation

Academic title (if any )   Ph.D

Candidate of Physico-mathematical (Ph.D)

Certified Management Consultant (Essentials)

Work experience: as a practice, as a teacher

I have 10 years (since 2008) personal professional experience in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Institutional Organic Development (IOZ).

Worked with over 10,000 people, delivered 36,000 hours of management and SE training, advised over 250 NGOs, mentored over 50 SMEs.

Published scientific papers and co-author of the book "How to Start a Business".

2012 to date- corporate trainings /consultations, individual mentoring / coaching, in which I have worked with the following organizations: UNICEF, USAID.

Indicate how long and what kind of business you've managed / founded / worked for

2009 - Co-founder and coordinator of the ICT sector start-up created with a team of 5 people.

Basic skills

Social business model, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship.

Strategic management (planning, development, implementation),organizational development and change management (diagnostics, HR capabilities).

He has experience in raising funds for social programs, advocating for the public interest, lobbying, NGO networking courses, consulting, research on various social issues, analysis, and membership in election commissions.

Methods used in teaching

Individual development
Development of creativity, innovation and critical thinking, as well as social business model, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship skills, support for startups.
Strategic management

Strategic management

Executive and software management positions in different types of organizations (NGOs, international organizations, private organizations).


"My mission is to “treat” organizations as an organism, to help people achieve self-improvement by passing that path with them."


- "Human Resource Management" courses and consultations
- Personal development and career planning.
- Development of corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills
- Creation, promotion, development of organizations.
- The main components of social entrepreneurship
- Social governance and SE
- Possible preconditions for establishing an SE
- Social or traditional enterprise?
- Social business models

Areas of mentoring

Social entrepreneurship and the NGO sector
Social entrepreneurship as a mechanism for community development
SE and agriculture
SE and education