Anna Feldman  

basic landing
Workplace and position

Founder and head of the ,,Perfect Day,, online school, co-founder of the Ecotherapy Development Center, Program Director of the Corporate University of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, Embodiment Coach, international expert in non-formal education and adult learning, Russian expert in the field of youth policy and volunteering.

Academic title (if any)   Ph.D

Stage director, sociocultural manager

Work experience: as a practice, as a teacher

Experience in the field of education and youth policy - 25 years.

Management experience - 18 years.

Experience in the field of personal development and effectiveness - 17 years.

Indicate how long and what kind of business you've managed / founded / worked for

Founder and head of the Perfect Day online school, co-founder of the Ecotherapy Development Center.

Basic skills

Trainer, program director, expert, consultant with higher educational institutions of the country, public organizations, government agencies and business, including such organizations as: Sberbank, Tatneft, Russian Railways, Salym Petroleum (Shell),Rosneft, Surgutgazprom, Ak Bars, etc. 

Methods used in teaching

• embodiment approach
• integrative coaching
• narrative practices
• creative and projective practices
• learning through experienc

Expert achievements and promotion

Experience in training 20,000 staff and volunteers for large-scale events.

20 years of experience in international teams.

Work experience in the field of public administration in the fields of education, culture and youth policy.

25 years of coaching and consulting work.

Experience of working with large companies and startups, in the field of IT, social entrepreneurship.


For me, the basis of my professional activity is awareness, the value of human dignity, ethics, awareness and choice.

Nothing is impossible. Just for some questions you need a little more awareness, time and a non-standard solution.

The main thing in this search is not to say to yourself "And so it will do" ... After this phrase, we inevitably stop  the development of our business and ourselves.


• building motivational programs
• building systems within organizations
• project management
• development of educational programs and adult education
• personal branding and leadership
• self-regulation and awareness
• trainings for trainers in the field of adult education
• building work with volunteers
• projects in the field of youth work
• intercultural dialogue and culture of peace
• impact marketing

Areas of mentoring

• value bases in building a business model
• personnel Management
• building systems
• development of personnel training programs
• personal leadership and brand
• calculation of social contribution and influence