Areg Tadevosyan 

basic landing
Workplace and position

President of the NGO “Intercultural Research and Development”

Academic title (if any)   Ph.D

Candidate of Biological Sciences

Work experience: as a practice, as a teacher

More than 25 years of teaching in the field of non-formal education, as well as courses at 3 universities. 

Design, coordination and implementation of more than 10 training programs for training of trainers (ToT) at the national and international level (including several ToTs on social entrepreneurship). 

Author of many publications and author's educational methods and games (articles and textbooks) in the field of non-formal education, youth policy, personal development and entrepreneurship.

Indicate how long and what kind of business you've managed / founded / worked for

Developed and trained in more than 10 incubation programs, in which more than 100 businesses were founded. Founder of the school of personal growth "Ascension"

Basic skills

- Personal development training and coaching
- Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Studies,
- Fundamentals of social entrepreneurship and business planning
- Planning, assessing and presenting social impact
- Trainings for trainers and gamification of training
- Youth work, youth policy and regional development

Methods used in teaching

More than 20 author's methods and more than 50 other methods for personal development, intercultural communication, social entrepreneurship

Expert achievements and promotion

Many years of experience in the NGO field, expert work with more than 20 international organizations (different UN agencies, European Commission, OSCE, Council of Europe, etc.) projects in more than 30 countries world, more than 10,000 students in various training programs.


Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship
Business planning for a social enterprise
Competencies of a social entrepreneur
Planning and social impact assessment

Areas of mentoring

Social enterprise design, planning and social impact assessment, community development, business plan.